Get A Car Winter Check In Warrington

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Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility for its maintenance. Routine care is key to keeping the automobile in optimum working condition and running smooth and reliably. After the warm days of summer give way to the tepid fall temps, but before the cold sets in, is the perfect time to get a thorough car winter check in Warrington.

There are a variety of reasons why this process both necessary and beneficial, not only to the vehicle, but for all those riding inside of it. Cold weather can be very tough on an automobile so this process done contributes to helping it to operate as efficiently as possible and decreases the chances of a breakdown. Peace of mind comes with knowing one is doing all they can to be safe in hazardous conditions.

Before freezing conditions set in, it is a good idea to have the tires examined for proper tread depth, or to switch them out for seasonal models with special grips. The pressure in all four tires and the spare, should be checked on a weekly basis and kept at the recommended psi. Rotating and aligning them can prevent uneven wear and tear that may result in blow outs.

Make sure the heater and defrosters are working as intended, since they are important for warmth and visibility. Season specific wipers should replace the lighter weighted ones used during the summer months. The washer fluid needs to be switched out for one that contains alcohol or de-icing agent and is better suited for cold weather to avoid freezing, and the spray nozzles should be cleaned and cleared.

A vehicle’s cooling system is very important as it is what prevents the engine from seizing or overheating. For best results, the radiator should be cleaned and flushed every two years or more frequently. Though levels need to be checked on a regular basis, the antifreeze needs to be replenished or replaced before cold sets in to prevent any water in the system from possibly freezing.

Cold weather can take a toll on the battery, so in order to minimize its strain, it is a good idea to have the contact points cleaned and the charging system serviced. All of the interior and exterior lights need to be tested and the headlights cleaned and properly aimed to improve visibility in inclement conditions. One of the most important safety factors in wet or icy circumstances are the brakes, which prevent skidding and deserve annual reviews.

Getting a tune up to check for, and correct, issues such as sluggishness, rough idling, hard starts, and pings is always a recommended procedure for cold season preparation. Oil should normally be changed at regular intervals but when the chance of freezing weather is possible, it is generally advisable to start using a lighter weight product. All of the filters in the engine would also benefit from being switched out for fresh ones at this time.

Because windows are usually kept up in cold months, have the exhaust system checked for leaks to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Preventative measures like maintaining at least half a tank of gas, discourage moisture forming withing the fuel lines and decrease the odds of running low on a snowy day. A little preparation saves a lot of frustration.

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